Members of the Linn County criminal justice community are planning this event in conjunction with National Crime Victims’ Rights Week (April 7-13, 2019).

Proceeds from the Go the Distance for Crime Victims 5K Run/Walk will continue to directly benefit victims of crime in Eastern Iowa. The proceeds generated from this event will aid many different types of victims including survivors of homicide/vehicular homicide victims, domestic violence victims, victims of sexual assault and many other crime victims. Funds will be distributed by the Go the Distance for Crime Victims Committee to either crime victim programs in the community or individuals in need of assistance following their victimization, including but not limited to situations where court-ordered restitution either falls short or is unavailable. Victims of crime or service providers who would like to request needed funds may contact Anastasia Basquin at or call 319-892-6373.

Go the Distance is a Section 501(c)(3) non-profit organization under the laws of the United States of America.

Victims of crime or service providers who would like to request needed funds may contact Anastasia Basquin at or call 319-892-6373.

Victims of crime may also download this form to apply:

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On a cold day in September 2016, a woman named Grace* allowed some teens to sit in her car and stay warm until morning.  She did not know one of them had a gun.  Tragically, the gun was fired, hitting the young girl in the head that was sitting in the driver’s seat. After hearing the gunshot, Grace ran outside to find the young girl dying in her car.  The other teens had run away not wanting to get in trouble. Grace held this young girl in her arms; singing and praying with her as she died. Grace’s car was a total loss due to the clean-up required. She had no funds available for this expensive process and there were no other funding sources that would cover this cost. Go the Distance for Crime Victims stepped in and reimbursed her the value of her car and paid for her travel expenses and lost wages.  (*Victim’s name has been changed)  

Kamryn Schlitter was only 18 months old when she died at the hands of her father and the father’s girlfriend. There were two trials that lasted 8 weeks total. Kamryn’s mother & grandmother lived out of state following Kamryn’s death. It was going to be an extreme financial hardship for them to pay for a hotel for the duration of the two trials.  Go the Distance for Crime Victims paid for their transportation and hotel expenses while they were in Linn County.  Given how emotional the situation was, it was peace of mind for them to know that at least the financial losses were being taken care of for them.

A young woman was brutally raped in her own home. Unfortunately, the perpetrator could not be apprehended immediately. She was too afraid to return to her home and was forced to stay in a hotel in Cedar Rapids for two weeks until the man was arrested. Go the Distance for Crime Victims paid for the cost of the hotel. It gave her great peace of mind to feel safe without being burdened with the financial impact of being displaced from her home.

A woman’s son was shot and killed. She was required to provide her testimony during a deposition. On the night following her deposition, most of her windows were broken out of her home. Her insurance deductible was too expensive. Go the Distance for Crime Victims paid her insurance deductible for her. This allowed her to replace the windows in her home and keep her other children safe.  



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